Where purpose is the perfect design

The Boat For Boaters

Wellcraft was an iconic American brand. A purist’s boat built for fishing, skiing and all-around good times on the water. The boat that everyone had to have became irrelevant as other manufacturers catered to the “look at me” culture with newer and flashier boats. Better for posing than actual on-the-water performance.

Without apology, we once again proclaimed Wellcraft the boater’s boat. And set out to tell the story of what real boaters had known all along - the right boat will take you everywhere you want to go.

A Brochure About Why You Boat

Boats without a purpose are for the other guys.

Integrity Matters

This is Wellcraft’s fashion statement. A pretty high bar for any manufacturer.

Everything You Need

Our filter to determine if you’re a boater or a poser.

Anyone Can Buy A Fancy Boat

Be the envy of everyone at the dock because you know how to catch fish..

Wanna Head Out Into Open Water?

We’ve got the right boat for the job.

A Beast of a Boat for Real Fishermen

A boat that does that gets the job done right is beauty in motion.

For the kid in all of us

The right machine for all-around good times.

Functionality is a hidden strength

Family one day. Fish the next.

Be The Culture

Print ads speaks the language of real fishermen.

Wellcraft is a Badge

A reminder of a long and rich heritage.

"I’ve been a boat owner since I was 14 years old… I’m now 66. The 232 Coastal is the best boat in the 20-foot size I’ve ever owned.” The real deal...