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Here at The Republik, we’ve assembled a team of free thinkers willing to push one another into powerful collisions of insight that dismantle the tenets of size, money and power to meaningfully impact lives. Helping underdogs everywhere defy the odds.

Happy Dirt
It seems like we are all trying to eat healthier. Yet, produce labels and claims can be downright confusing and even intimidating— especially for those of us new to organics. So as Eastern Carolina Organics (or ECO) outgrew their name geographically, we saw an opportunity to cut through the confusion and be a beacon for organic farming.
Dilworth Coffee
In 1989, Dilworth introduced serious coffee to North Carolina, supplying small batch, ethically-sourced coffee to independent shops and distributors alike. And as business grew over the next few decades, independent coffee shops relied on them for turn-key supplies, equipment and training. But greater distribution and retail presence didn’t translate to commensurate Dilworth Coffee brand awareness among consumers.
Bedlam Vodka
With “Tito’s Envy” in full force, new distillers have brought to market a staggering number of copycat vodka brands, with no real regard for what consumers want. But, what if we could tap into the undercurrent desire for something more? What if we could break the mold of fancy bottles and superficial nonsense?
Triumph Boats
Among the nation’s 1,500 boat brands, Triumph had the unique distinction of manufacturing a plastic boat. While indestructible, this “ugly duckling” had not fared well with status and brand-conscious boaters.

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