Where Veterans Get The Hollywood Treatment


As the home to Ft. Bragg for the past 100 years, Fayetteville has welcomed and celebrated servicemen and women as they trained, deployed, returned and retired. So it is only fitting that every year, Fayetteville extends an invitation to Heroes Homecoming, a one-of-a-kind multi-day commemoration befitting the men and women who served in each conflict. With programs throughout the community offering insight into the unique challenges and sacrifices so we all may better understand.

A Sea of Appreciation

Preprinted newspaper inserts with message to vets on one side and program event on the other..

Triage for the media

Scout influencers and the writers that can carry the story far and wide.

Invite the right people

Elaborate press "survival" kits made the invitation impossible to ignore .

Make it meaningful

Media outlets couldn’t say no to an event that features the M*A*S*H cast honoring Korean War vets..

Vets Get Star Treatment

Often overlooked Korean War vets get their due. Personalized tours on Ft. Bragg with their M*A*S*H contemporaries. Mutual admiration, hugs, handshakes and tears..

A Standing Room Only Tribute

Some were fans. Others were there to hear the stories for the first time. Memorable for all. .

Honest Connections

Chance encounters turn into media photo ops..

Fayetteville’s Day in The Sun

Doing good things can be newsworthy. Respect. Support. Honor..

Fayetteville's dedication to its mission continues today

After the first implementation of Heroes Homecoming, Time Magazine named Fayetteville, NC—America's Hometown..

2018-Never forget WWII Vets

Dwindling in number, WWII vets had their own stories retold be school children so we all will #neverforget..

Foster relationships and memories that will live on

We embedded their stories in the hearts and minds of the generations that came after.

It is so great that this community is heavily involved in making sure that we don’t forget. Loretta Switt, M*A*S*H star - "Hot Lips"