Where know-how is never old-fashioned

A Brand 30 Years In The Making

In 1989, Dilworth introduced serious coffee to North Carolina, supplying small batch, ethically-sourced coffee to independent shops and distributors alike. And as business grew over the next few decades, independent coffee shops relied on them for turn-key supplies, equipment and training. But greater distribution and retail presence didn’t translate to commensurate Dilworth Coffee brand awareness among consumers.

With a 30-year anniversary as excuse, our job was to show the “newer is better” coffee culture that Dilworth still had a lot of worthwhile coffee wisdom. So we channeled our inner “Dude” to share the vibe.

Coffee Makes it Even Better

Dilworth Coffee is here for you…always.

Can’t Fake The Vibe

We’ve been doing this for 30 years.

A Good Cup of Coffee is About You, Not the Coffee

In-Store posters share the “It’s All Good” Dilworth vibe.

A Coffee Culture Departure

Posters that invite, not profess.

Any Excuse Will Do

Seasonal displays make the case for something new.

Old School Kind of Cool

Deliver the brand experience with every cup.

Vending Machine

The perfect vehicle for sharing a taste of Dilworth Coffee.

Catch The Wave

Dilworth is an invitation to enjoy a little more.

Share The Love

Instagram “30 for 30” campaign re-introduced the Dilworth story through coffee shop baristas and their one-of-a-kind concoctions.

"For the first time ever, our brand voice felt like it had been captured in a way that resonated with our customers while making us proud." Jeff Vojta, Co-Founder & CEO