The world doesn’t
need another vodka

With “Tito’s Envy” in full force, new distillers have brought to market a staggering number of copycat vodka brands, with no real regard for what consumers want. But, what if we could tap into the undercurrent desire for something more? What if we could break the mold of fancy bottles and superficial nonsense? A brand with a truly unique heritage and defiant attitude. Emboldened by Irish bloodlines, distilled-from-rice smoothness, and history we doggedly stuck to the facts that render all others vodkas irrelevant. This is the story of Bedlam Vodka.

A Promise to Disrupt

The name was taken from a rugged coastal town in Northern Ireland. Yet derives its attitude and purpose from the commonly understood definition of bedlam as chaos and conflict. In both name and design, Bedlam is the embodiment of defiance

A Rebellion in Taste

A story of inventiveness and proper taste. A heavenly spirit from a heavenly grain - rice

Murder, Monks, Chaos & Poetry

Monks, as the legend goes, shared the knowledge. The Irish, fighters and poets all, turned the sweet science into a new elixir for the ages

An Ethos etched on every bottle

Pick up a bottle and the brand story is in your hand. Welcoming all into the fold

Launch events, for the worthy.

Influencers matter. Launch parties were curated market-by-market to ensure the right mix of industry people, media and the who’s who

Swag for all

Elements were designed and packaged for attendees and media outreach to promote the brand attitude with style

A Drinkable Spirit

A promise made on the packaging and delivered with customized barware

A bird never flew on one wing

A special toast for a brand with an iconic two-headed raven

Coming out party. Best brand wins

The industry’s biggest show. Over 1,500 new products. A video to show Bedlam has what it takes to shake up the vodka category

Mic drop

Bedlam stole the show, literally

"Beldam you killed it. You have a great story and the packaging is just spectacular. You really did break through probably the most difficult category to break through" Charlie Merinoff, breakthru beverage group, WSWA judge