Words of Wisdom: Direct From The Cheshire Cat

If You Don't Know Where You Are Going, Any Road Will Get You There.

With marketing, it’s pretty easy to convince yourself doing anything is better than waiting, especially in uncertain times. We would argue the opposite.

Channeling the age-old wisdom of Alice’s Cheshire Cat, if you can’t articulate a vision for your company or brand or even tangible goals, the rest doesn’t matter.

Truth is, clients often come to us with a solution in mind. Based on what they’ve seen from others. Based on their own experiences. Or simply, based on what they wish to be true.

“Do you know? Or do you think you know?”

We actually ask these questions because we never want to start with assumptions, either our clients' or our own. Any action based on what we collectively “think we know,” is a recipe for wasted time, money, and ultimately, failure.

A solid strategy is always your best weapon. What’s yours?