Artificial Intelligence Takes Us Back To The Future

Some of us remember when comps were done by hand. When the studio and typesetters were our computers. Then Quark and Photoshop threatened to even the playing field. But in the end, we realized computers couldn’t make bad ideas better, regardless of how visually appealing they could be. Similarly today, AI is making its mark, and it seems to be here to stay. We use it as a tool to save time and generate new perspectives. Still, AI cannot transform bad ideas into good ones, even though many will try. Our photographer friend, Bruce DeBoer, recently did his own experiment creating a portrait and posted it on LinkedIn. In essence, he said it lacked humanity “the eyes were weird.” Another photographer also observed that the hands appeared strange. Creators are concerned that AI could eventually dilute our expectations, rendering our work obsolete. We don’t share that view. While AI will help formulate more insipid work than ever, our job will remain unchanged - creating emotional connections through our understanding of people and how they see the world.  Till next time.